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Photo of various decorative baskets around a decorative Buddha head in a living room setting


Shop our signature collection of hand woven baskets made from natural fibers by Colombian artisans

Picture of hand painted ceramic dinner plates on top of natural placemats made of esparto in a luxury decorated outdoor picnic table setting

Tabletop Decor Ideas

Ever look at a table and just marvel at the beauty and detail? Do you wonder who arranged it and how they achieved it? Why would someone put so much effort into something that will only last a short while? Let us inspire you with our beautiful and unique tabletop decor ideas.


  • Small Decorative Bowl in Iraca

  • main product image of Round Serving Tray with Handles hand woven from Mamure natural fibers

    Round Serving Tray with Handles in Mamure

  • Close up picture of hand painted ceramic dinner plates on top of natural placemats made of esparto

    Natural Woven Placemats in Esparto (Set of 6)

  • Carved Stone Bowl – 2 White Stripes + Small White Polished Stone

Picture of a Colombian Great Kiskadee bird standing on a tree branch

What Makes Us Chirp?

Kiskadee Design comes from our deep love for things that are made by hand, the stories they tell and the amazing people who make them.


Wounaan woman with a display of Werregue Items

Artisan Stories

Kiskadee Design is a celebration of the artisans behind our products, it is a way for us to do what we love while helping, promoting and honoring the women and men who created these pieces which are a reflection of their customs and traditions.

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