About Us

Kiskadee Design

Kiskadee Design comes from our deep love for things that are made by hand, the stories they tell, and the amazing people who make them. It is also about bringing people together and helping them learn about each other through handcrafted pieces.

The Value of Handmade

While many pretty things can be bought, buying something handmade is about more than just the thing, it is also very much about the person who made them. A handcrafted piece tells a story, it can preserve cultures, sustain villages, and even protect lands and plants.

Kiskadee Design Image of an Embera Dobida Woman Weaving an Iraca Basket in Choco Colombia

Travel Memories

This story also comes from our love for making a beautiful place of our home. Whenever we traveled we always came back with something for our home. Some unique piece that would forever remind us of the place it came from. Even without thinking about it, we were always leaned towards unique handcrafted pieces. There is something incredibly special about holding a piece in your hands and knowing that there is no other like it anywhere in the world; of knowing that someone, somewhere made it by hand and that it somehow still holds their energy.

Our Heritage

We have been lucky to have been born in Colombia, South America, one of the places with the richest artisanal craft cultures. Our master weavers have for centuries created unbelievable pieces, that have been recognized worldwide for their techniques and quality. For all our lives, while traveling through this country we have learned about the pieces; where they are made, who makes them, what they are made of, and what they represent.

A Celebration of the Artisans

Kiskadee Design was, therefore, a perfect place for us to explore and share our love for home décor through handcrafted pieces. Making sure that anyone who visits us will be able to see beautiful pieces, made with love by hand. All our products have been sourced directly from the artisans; this is a celebration of them, it is a way for us to do what we love while helping, promoting and honoring the women and men who created these pieces which are a reflection of their customs and traditions, so that they might be shared with others. Each piece is made by hand and therefore unique. They are all made ethically using all natural fibers and dyes.

Picture of women from Sandona, nariño weaving hats from iraca fibers
Women weaving a large round basket from Iraca

Ethical and Sustainable

Our Mission

Kiskadee Design provides beautiful and unique artisan-made home decor pieces, jewelry and women’s accessories that are sustainable and ethically sourced. Each item highlights the communities and people who make them and their inspiring stories.

Our Products

Our products are a celebration of Colombia and through them we wish to bring people together, teach them about the wonders of our country and introduce them to the people that make up our history and create the beautiful products found in our store. Each object tells a story of the different regions and the natural settings that surround them.

Our Commitment

We are committed to ethical and sustainable Home Decor. All items are carefully curated and sourced directly from artisans in Colombia. Each piece contributes to helping women and members of various Indigenous communities throughout the country. All the products are handmade using natural fibers and dyes.