Picture of the front cover of a paper copy of the Oprah Magazine - April 2019 Issue

Oprah knows best!

What an amazing feeling to be looking through a magazine stand and find none other than Oprah on the front cover of O magazine standing in front of a majestic ancient ceiba in the Amazon forest wearing a fique mochila bag made by women from the Kankuamo tribe in Colombia.

Picture of women from Sandona, nariño weaving hats from iraca fibers

Sandoná Land of Magical Creations Woven from the Threads of Iraca

Sandona’s master artisans have worked the iraca palm fibers for generations. Sandoneños, as they are known in Colombia, transform the Iraca fibers into the most amazing crafts; from the traditional hats to small decorative bowls, hanging mobiles, handbags…

Holiday Gift Guide

This is the time for sharing and caring! It’s the time when we get together and share with our loved ones. Make sure to spread the love with this holiday gift guide.

Natural fiber Cubeo baskets from Vaupez, Colombia

Our Love Affair with Hand Woven Baskets

The relationship between humans and hand woven baskets goes back thousands of years. In fact, baskets are one of the oldest forms of art through which many civilizations represented religious and cultural symbols and left a record of their lives and surroundings.

Picture of a Wounaan woman displaying various decorative bowls and vases made from Werregue fibers

Wounaan means Werregue

Deep in the Colombian Pacific Coast, the Wounaan (people of the rainforest) work tirelessly weaving the werregue fibers into baskets, trays, plates, bowls as well as fashion accessories.

Kiskadee Design Catalogue Image of a Rancho de Goya Pattern Kankuamo Fique Mochila by Women of the Indigenous Tribe in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - Colombia

What’s in a Fique Mochila…?

The origin story tells that the Kankuamo, one of four indigenous tribes who make fique mochilas, is tasked with maintaining the natural equilibrium of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta

From Guapi with Love

The “Cuatro Tetas” baskets (literally translating “four breasts”) are made in Guapi, Cauca by members of the Eperara Siapidaara community. Guapi is located