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Picture of a Wounaan woman displaying various decorative bowls and vases made from Werregue fibers

Wounaan means Werregue

Deep in the Colombian Pacific Coast, the Wounaan (people of the rainforest) work tirelessly weaving the werregue fibers into baskets, trays, plates, bowls as well as fashion accessories.

From Guapi with Love

The “Cuatro Tetas” baskets (literally translating “four breasts”) are made in Guapi, Cauca by members of the Eperara Siapidaara community. Guapi is located

kankuamo fique mochila

What’s in a Fique Mochila…?

The origin story tells that the Kankuamo, one of four indigenous tribes who make fique mochilas, is tasked with maintaining the natural equilibrium of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta

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