Baskets Thru Time

The relationship between humans and hand woven baskets goes back thousands of years. In fact, baskets are one of the oldest forms of art through which many civilizations represented religious and cultural symbols and left a record of their lives and surroundings.


Hand woven baskets have also had many many uses throughout our history. For instance, Mesopotamians believed that life came from a basket created by God, Egyptians used them to hold their baked bread. Moreover, they were used in burials, as storage, for cooking, to carry water, a basket was also famously used to carry baby Moses down the Nile to safety.

A Fascination with Hand Woven Baskets 

There are ancient representations of hand woven baskets by cultures from all over the world, and our fascination with baskets shows no signs of slowing down. Today baskets are most commonly used as decorative art pieces to show and display. Additionally, we are constantly amazed by the intricacy of the weave, the richness of the colors, and their endless versatility. This article provides just a taste of how hand woven baskets can be used to enhance any space of our homes.

Our Baskets and their Stories

All of our baskets are handmade, ethically and sustainably sourced.
Finally, please refer to each product for a full description of the process and the artisans behind our hand woven baskets.