Cuatro Tetas Baskets

Paja Tetera and Chocolatillo Baskets. Handmade in Guapi

Stunning Large Decorative Baskets Made From Paja Tetera and Chocolatillo Fibers in Guapi – Cauca, Colombia

Majestic Cuatro Tetas (“Four Breasts”) Decorative Baskets with Handles made by the Eperara Siapidaara people.

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Following these simple steps:

1) Take a close look at the Size, Pattern, and Colors available; make sure to WRITE DOWN your selection, you will need it when placing your order.

2) With your selections at hand add Your Custom Made Cuatro Tetas Basket to Shopping Cart and Complete Checkout Process.

3) The Basket Weaving Begins!

4) After some sourcing procedures (which we promise we won’t bore you with), your Custom Made Cuatro Tetas Basket arrives at your doorsteps for you to enjoy their unique design and amazing beauty!

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