Kankuamo Fique Mochila on Front Cover of The Oprah Magazine

What an amazing feeling to be looking through a magazine stand and find none other than Oprah on the front cover of O magazine standing in front of a majestic ancient ceiba in the Amazon forest wearing a fique mochila bag made by women from the Kankuamo tribe in Colombia

Fique Mochilas

Love The Planet

This was the cover for her most recent April, Love the Planet issue.  While Oprah was never actually in the Amazon forest, her pictures were taken in a studio and later added. The beautiful Ceiba was photographed in the Jungle by world renown Colombian photographer Ruven Afanador. Ruven took the picture while he was working on documenting various indigenous tribes in his native county.

Zenu’s Sombrero Vueltiao

The Magazine also features a picture of Oprah in a bold red dress wearing an oversized Sombrero Vueltiao; a Colombian emblem and one of the finest representations of craftsmanship by master artisans in the country. The sombrero vueltiao traces back to the Zenú people that lived in the Sinú River region of Colombia. The quality of these hats is determined by the number of fibers and rings it has. Traditionally, the finest “vueltiao” hat has 26 rings interwoven by 27 “Caña Flecha” fibers. One could assume that the one worn by Oprah is probably the finest ever made.

picture of page 20 from a paper copy of the Oprah Magazine, April 2019 Issue, with Oprah wearing an extra large colombian sombrero vueltiao

It is truly an honor to have our Country be a part of such a feature in this magazine. Also, to have the incredible crafts hand made by our ancestral indigenous tribes included amongst a wide variety of natural and earth-friendly products. Fortunately, consumers are leaning more towards these kinds of sustainable products as we are all becoming more conscious consumers.

I recommend you all get a copy of this issue for great advice and ideas on how we can all make a difference towards preserving and maintaining our natural resources.