Cuatro Tetas Bread Basket – Grey + Beige Butterfly Pattern


Cuatro Tetas (Literally translates to Four Breasts) Bread Basket in Grey and Beige Handles. Butterfly Pattern (Parapau k’a)

Hand Made in Guapi, Cauca – Colombia.


L 13 in x W 9.5 in x H 12 in. Each item is unique; therefore, dimensions may vary slightly.

Weight  7.5 oz

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The cuatro tetas bread baskets are undoubtedly unique and precious works of art. The Eperaara Siapidaara tribe weaves these baskets from “Paja Tetera and Chocolatillo” fibers. They live in Guapi, Cauca, in Colombia’s Pacific Coast.

The Eperaara were forced to leave their native lands and resettled in Guapi. There, the tribe formed the Canaan Community, where they reclaimed their ancestral customs and traditions.

These woven beauties are as much a part of their tradition as fishing and cropping. Through the cuatro tetas baskets, the Eperaara tell their story; they talk about the fish in the river, the leaves on the trees, the frogs chirping in the forest, the spiders, butterflies and all the other things that make up their world.

MATERIALS: Paja Tetera and Chocolatillo Natural Fibers

COLORS: Grey and Beige


ORIGIN: Cauca region in Colombia – South America.

DIMENSIONS:  L 13 in x W 9.5 in x H 12 in – L 33 cm x W 24 cm x H 30.5 cm

WEIGHT: 7.5 oz –  213 gr

BRAND: Kiskadee Design – Ethical and sustainable Home Decor. Each of our pieces contributes to helping women and members of various indigenous communities in the countries of origin.


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