Decorative Iraca Woven Balls – CPL030


Beautiful mix of woven decorative ball accents in earthy tones. Handmade by artisans in Sandona – Colombia.

Set has 12 of the larger balls and 5 of the smaller more colorful ones.

These beautiful accents are the perfect pop of color to compliment any space or object.


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* Due to the artisanal handmade nature of our products and the all organic materials used in their making, weight, dimensions and color might vary slightly. Each item is unique.


COLORS: Earthy tones of pink, blue, tan, beige

HEIGHT: Larger 1.7in     Smaller .7in

WIDTH: Larger 1.5in      Smaller .5in

WEIGHT: 1.2oz per set


ORIGIN: Sandona-Narino  Colombia


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