Kankuamo Fique Mochila in Colorful Patterns – LA MINA BAG025


Beautiful all natural bag handwoven by women from the Kankuamo Indigenous tribe in the the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – Colombia.

Made from 100% natural fique fibers and colored using all natural dyes.

Beautiful colors and easy to dress up or down. Each bag is unique, carrying the special signature of the hands that made it.

L 34” x W 12” x H 13”
Weight 7 – 9 oz

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THESE beautiful and versatile Fique Mochilas bags are woven by women from the Kankuamo Indigenous Tribe in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The bags are made from natural fique fibers which are processed and dyed with natural plant coloring, assuring that no one bag is identical to any other. The Kankuamo have been weaving the bags for hundreds of years, they were originally used as currency used to trade with other tribes for food, textiles and other goods. They were also a part of all rituals in their life cycle.

The mochilas, which are woven using ancestral techniques passed on through generations, are of sacred importance to the Kankuamo people as their pattern represents the story of the origin of the world. Each bag is a gift, made by hand in a process that can take up to a week and which fewer and fewer of the younger members choose to participate in.

After many years in which violence threatened their existence and religious shame inclined them towards abandoning their traditions, the Kankuamo have decided to claim back their customs and through the fique mochilas, share it with the world.

Each fique mochila promotes the Kankuamo, their culture, and ensures their survival.

MATERIAL: 100% natural fibers from fique plant

COLORS: multicolored


FABRICATION: 100% handwoven

ORIGIN: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia – South America

DIMENSIONS:  L 34” x W 12” x H 13” – L 86 cm x W 30 cm x H 33 cm

* Each bag is completely unique so dimensions might vary slightly.

SHOULDER DROP: 21” – 53 cm


STRAP TYPE: cross body strap



WEIGHT: 7 – 9 oz -> 198 – 255 grams.

BRAND: Kiskadee Design (Registered Trademark) – Ethical and sustainable accessories. Each of our pieces contributes to helping women and members of various indigenous communities in the countries of origin.


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