Round Woven Iraca Basket + Beaded Border

Round Woven Basket from Iraca Natural Fibers with Beaded Border

Handmade in Choco

Weight 1.5 -4 lb

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Deep in the jungle, some 45 minutes from Quibdo in the Choco region, the Embera Dobida (people of the river) people make these beautiful iraca baskets which they crop themselves. The community, which still mostly speaks their native language and hunt by bow and arrow, depends almost entirely on the making and selling of their crafts.

This sustenance as well as their community and culture has for years been under threat; first as a result of the internal conflict in Colombia and more recently by the construction of a new road which destroyed most of their iraca crops. The community is fighting to have their crops replaced, as the loss of just one of these precious plants represents about 200 bread baskets they could sell in exchange for food, medicine, and solar panels.

Handwoven by the women in the community, each iraca basket is unique, and beautiful all on its own.


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