Sunset Swirl Set of 2 Pots – CPL027


Handmade beautiful one-of-a-kind pots. The perfect swirl of natural white and red clay.

Make any space special and enjoy the rich natural Colors with all your favorite plants.

Pots made in Raquira – Colombia, a small town with a rich heritage of pottery passed down by the Muisca civilization who inhabited the area.

Also useful as pencil holders and for keeping trinkets.

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In Raquira, also known as the craft capital of Colombia, pottery has been a way of life for hundreds of years when the Muisca’s inhabited the land. The word Raquira is a composition of the Chibcha words rua – pot, and quira – town, “the town of pots”.

Ancient archeological discoveries and historical records show that pottery has formed an important part of life in this area. When the Spanish arrived, Raquira was already an established community and had a well-developed artisanal industry. Even though they are famous for their gold work (think the legend of el dorado), Muisca’s also used the raw clay abundant in the area to create pots and other artifacts of the highest quality and craftsmanship used to trade and commercialize with other communities.

Today, artisans use the same natural clay deposits and many of the same techniques passed on and preserved from their ancestors. Artisans have their pick of red, black, or white clay. They men mine the clay while the women are usually the ones who work the clay.

Most of the items are made 100% by hand, even when molds are used, the molds are handmade and still involve a lot of work and individual attention, ensuring that every single piece produced is one of a kind and carries the unique touch of the artist who made it.

* Due to the artisanal handmade nature of our products and the all organic materials used in their making, weight, dimensions and color might vary slightly. Each item is unique.

MATERIAL: Natural clay

COLORS: Terracota, white

HEIGHT:  Larger Pot – 3.5in      Small pot 2.5in

WIDTH:  Larger pot 3.5in        Small pot 3in

WEIGHT: 14oz


ORIGIN: Raquira – Colombia


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