Ever look at a table and just marvel at the beauty and detail? Do you wonder who arranged it and how they achieved it? Why would someone put so much effort into something that will only last a short while? Let us inspire you with our beautiful and unique tabletop decor ideas.

Show How Much You Care

Having a beautiful dining table is all about letting the people gathered with you, whether it be your partner, family, friends, clients or co-workers know how much you care. Every detail, from dinner plates to serving trays and placemats, down to the small details like teaspoons and condiment bowls, are used to help set up the mood for your guests.

It’s All in the Details

Even though table setting might at times seem daunting and only for the artistic or professionally trained, it is actually quite easy to make even the simplest tables look beautiful and thoughtful by including the right details.

The Perfect Dinner Plates

Dinner plates are usually the centerpiece and starting point. These gorgeous hand-painted dinner plates are made in El Carmen de Viboral, Colombia. The deep blue and unique design can be used for both formal or informal tables. They make even the simplest occasion something truly special. Complement them with flowers and candles for a formal gathering, or use them with classic round placemats and simple flowers for every-day meals.

Natural Fiber Placemats

These natural fiber placemats are not only gorgeous but also very easy to clean. Each one is handwoven by master artisans from Esparto or Iraca fibers.

Color Burst Bread Baskets

Beautiful bread baskets are an easy way to add color or elegance to a table.
Light and Colorful Paja Tetera bread baskets made in Guapi, Cauca are perfect for breakfast or lunch.

Beaded Bread Baskets

For a touch of sparkle and elegance, there is no going wrong with these iraca bread baskets embellished with beads.

Teaspoons and Condiment Bowls

It is true that small details make a big difference, so make sure you make them extra special with these hand-carved tiny spice bowls made from horn.

Or these one-of-a-kind mother of pearl and horn tiny teaspoons. They are sure to get everyone’s attention.

And these clever clay hens are perfect for sauces and spices. Handmade in Guaduas, Cundinamarca each of these condiment bowls is unique.

Use our tabletop decor ideas, be creative, and go with what you love.